Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To two

My baby, the one who is no baby and soon won't even be my baby, she'll be my middle one, she turns two next month. Is she allowed to be two?


She speaks all day long. We understand most of what she says; strangers understand some of what she says. If your comprehension is lacking she will just badger you repetitively until you catch on. Woe unto you if you misinterpret. There will be tantrums and disappointment.

She says hi effortlessly but its formal version still challenges her. The itinerant husband just called from his evening layover. She greeted him excitedly with Ho, Daddy!

Either she harbors aspirations of pirating or she just called her father a slut.


The baby is expected to be born in February so I wanted to transition E from the 3s section of her 3-5s classroom to the 4s by December, so I wanted to transition L from the toddlers to the 2s in November, all so that each girl can have her own private freak-out transition time before we go through a joint-family freak-out transition time with the arrival of Little Brother. I was under the impression that L would begin the customary two-week transition yesterday. In the tradition of our daycare, this would involve her arriving to the toddler room in the morning and eating breakfast there, then spending the morning until lunch with the 2s, returning to the toddlers for lunch, nap and afternoon activities. In week two, she would return to the 2s after nap for afternoon activities and in week three she would fully move in to her new class. There was some miscommunication between me and the interim director, or perhaps she is unaware of the customary transition method. Whatever happened, on Friday L was a member of the toddler class. This week she fully moved to the 2s. No transition period.

Well today was Day 2 of being labeled a "2" for the girl who is, in fact, almost 2. She owns that classroom. She runs right to her seat and drags me to her cubby and shows me her name label and tells me (correctly) that it's pink, and that it's hers. Her new teachers, teachers I love, teachers who shepherded her volatile sister through this volatile age, who taught her sister the days of the week and the months of the year and to put poops in a potty, these teachers embrace L in the morning now. They tell me she's doing great. She didn't need a transition. She's a natural. She's ready for this.

Is she allowed to be 2? I still don't know. I certainly didn't sign that permission slip yet. But whether or not she's allowed, she's ready.

Whether we're ready or not, here 2 comes. Pin It


a li'l bit squishy said...

I lift my class to you and L. It's a huge step. Filled with heartbreak and great pride. Oh how quickly they grow...

a li'l bit squishy said...

That would be GLASS. And you needed some extra comments anyway for your dedication. I opened my reader today and discovered I am 30 posts behind on reading you. GAWH!