Saturday, November 28, 2009

The limitations of genetics

Will the baby have blue eyes?, she asked. "Yes," I told her. "Daddy and I both have blue eyes, which is why you and L have blue eyes, and the baby will have blue eyes, too."

He'll have the same things as me?, she asked, with disappointment I hadn't anticipated in her voice.

He'll have white skin? "Well, your Daddy and I both have white skin, so yes, the baby will have white skin - just like L, and just like you."

Ohh...I wanted a baby with brown skin. Pin It


JYAA said...

Hee hee - so did I...didn't get it...but it doesn't mean I don't still want one:)

Angela J Reeves said...

Right there with ya, E. My mother was surprised when I married a white guy because I have always had an irrationally joyful love of black and brown babies and toddlers. I have to stop myself from staring and cooing inappropriately in public, and remind myself that the white kids need attention too in Sunday School. It's not my fault God made them so cute!!

a li'l bit squishy said...

Me too, E! Me too! How could one not covet that beautiful skin and lovely dark eyes? Sadly we didn't mix up the gene pool much either and we are all blue-eyed, transparent people.