Saturday, October 31, 2009

Portrait of the Tooth Fairy

She said, Mama, I want to be a Tooth Fairy. So we pieced together a Tooth Fairy look.

We made a tooth wand. Every fairy needs a wand!

Fairy wings from her dress-up box.
Tooth barrettes, and dried leaves for a seasonal touch.

A bag of collected teeth on her waistband.

A tooth and toothbrush shirt. A TOOTH FAIRY sash for identification assistance.

Two different shoes.
It's a fairy thing. You wouldn't understand.

(I don't either.)

Everywhere she went, including to my coworkers in her preschool parade in my work building yesterday and to our neighbors on the street tonight, she waved her wand menacingly at people's mouths, yelling gleefully, I took your teeth! I got all your teeth!

No surprise, she's a bit aggressive, as fairies go. Pin It

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Emily said...

I love this costume! Those tights! Those shoes! That sash! She's the prettiest tooth fairy I've ever seen! And, come to think of it, the *only* tooth fairy I've ever seen. What an imagination!