Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two weeks ago

L's partner-in-crime Grace got new shoes and was very excited about them. When we saw her the next morning I whispered "nice shoes!"' in Grace's ear. In response she sat down on the floor and took off her new shoes and put them on her hands and clapped hands with them while singsonging "Mommy got me shoes! Mommy got me shoes!"

Of course, this spurred L to sit down on the floor and take her own shoes off and put them on her hands to clap them. She sang Yay! Shoes! Yay! Shoes! and all the other kids in the room just looked at the two girls like they were weirdos but they kept it up for a good two minutes until they giggled so hard that all coherent language collapsed in on itself and they dissolved into squealing and shrieking.

Then one of the twin boys put his hands over his ears because it was really quite loud so Ms. H told them to shush a little and L got really mad about being shushed so Gracie did, too.

So then they shared a bit of a temper tantrum together, because after all, what are friends for?

As you know, I just ordered new shoes for L. My inbox tells me they'll be here tomorrow. I hope Gracie likes them. Pin It