Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Operation Nostalgia

You know the jingle:

"The touch, the feel of cotton: the fabric of our lives."
These clothes were the wrappers of their lives. Everything that happened to them happened within some of this but now it's time to give it all away.

Not pictured: 0-9 months, which will be given away in a different batch on a different date.
Not pictured: the gender neutral items that have been salvaged for the burgeoning Groundhog collection.
Not pictured: the hand-me-downs we have enjoyed on loan and now returned to their rightful owners.
Not pictured: size 18 months and up, which has yet to be sorted or is still in use by L.
Not pictured: anything too worn through to be worth giving.

So really all this - it's just a fraction. And yet. If you could bundle up their whole worlds in a pretty bow, this is the box.

September 29, 2009
Still life with wrapping paper.

Still life with bows and ribbons and other embellishments.

A hundred pounds of fabric? An embarrassment of riches. A thousand memories, captured.

And a six-month-old girl we know who's going to be lookin' good. Pin It

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Ninotchka said...

Impressive! And sweet. :)