Saturday, September 12, 2009


There is a closet in our kitchen that might be considered the hub of our house. Behind the two bi-fold doors are our laundry machines and shelves that hold all our household cleaning supplies and laundry supplies. There are shelves that hold our reusable shopping bags and paper bags for recycling and plastic grocery bags for repurposing, drawers that hold diapers and art supplies and place mats and stickers (a whole separate category from art supplies), and some undefined space on the floor in which are cluttered the vacuum, mops, brooms, buckets, feather duster thingie, and a million pieces of miscellany. There are hooks bearing aprons and grilling tools. It's a dense and busy little closet. So it is with the modern multitasking household.

So it is with the modern multitasking mama. The lovely husband is out of town this weekend, having committed to a speaking engagement in Augusta, and so it's girls' weekend here in the noteverstill house. Saturdays are the hardest. Because of our Shabbat observance Saturdays mean no TV, no music on the stereo, no Wii or computer (so no YouTube cartoons), no traveling anywhere that involves spending money. No restaurants, no shopping, no errands. I love the peace and quiet of the day but single-handedly keeping the girls entertained is exhausting. (I'm not breaking any rules right now; it's all over once there are three stars in the sky.)

All told, the girls were great today. They were cooperative and well-behaved and took good naps so in the afternoon, we went to the home of friends for a play date and some mama-distraction time. We probably stayed a little too long (but there were M&Ms for dessert! we can't miss dessert!) because it was dangerously close to L's bedtime when we got back home and she can get a little...volatile. I knew we were on a behavioral precipice and I was trying to prepare the bedtime routine as quickly as possible when L had one of those poopsplosions that I swear she saves for bedtimes when her daddy is out of town. I cleaned her up and stripped her, which was actually great because it made pajama-transitioning a little easier than usual, and I got her to sleep as fast as humanly possible. 'Jama, cajole, repeat, and the other one was asleep, too.

A tired, pregnant, weekend-single mama is truly a woman who deserves some time on the couch, but poopsplosioned pants lying on the kitchen floor in front of the laundry closet do not wait for rest to come to the weary. So I grabbed the pre-treater and started spraying, but something didn't smell right. And I don't mean the poop.

Instead of OxiClean, about 10 minutes ago I just thoroughly soaked L's pants with that other blue bottle from the closet shelf: Windex.

The good news, though, is that the Windex bottle offers exactly the money-back guaranteed result I desire for these pants: S.C. Johnson (a family company) promises me that they will come out streak-free. Pin It


Inna said...

I can't even imagine having a closet that big. Oh how I wish! :)

L's pants = streak-free and shiny. hehehehe

a li'l bit squishy said...

Thanks for turning an exhausted post into a smile. I was tired just reading it but the ending was worth it!
Oh and the word verification for today: ranting!