Monday, August 31, 2009

And many more

For the last episode in The Continuing Adventures of CarlerTM, go here.

Halfway through our car ride this morning E made an announcement.

Mama! I forgot to tell you! It's Carler's birthday this weekend! He's turning six. We need to have a party for him. Enchy and Creety and Creecraw are all coming. We need to bake a cake!

"We do?" I asked, amused. "Well, you can't have a birthday without a cake. What kind of cake does Carler want?"

His favorite color is red and he wants a cake with two kinds, a chocolate-and-vanilla cake, and it should look like a fire truck. Carler loves fire trucks.

(Coincidentally, I'm sure, yesterday I chauffeured E to a birthday party with a fire truck theme. The cake had a chocolate tier and a vanilla tier and looked like -- a fire truck. Just a coincidence, though.)

Halfway through the car ride home this afternoon E told me that she had invited more kids to Carler's party. Kralu and Krackalu and Kleeklee are coming, too! So it needs to be a big cake, okay?

I love baking with the girls so I agreed to this proposal when it was first raised this morning. But now the guest list is lengthening and poses a serious question:

how big does a fire truck cake need to be to feed four people who are made and a dozen who aren't made?

And perhaps a second one:

where do you draw the line between nurturing imagination and covering your kitchen in staintastic red food coloring?

I know it's a long weekend but if anybody will be in the area on Sunday and in the mood for dessert, give us a call. If you won't be around, don't worry - there will undoubtedly be pictures. Pin It


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Imagine us there. Love, Gramps & Grams

Angela J Reeves said...

The cake needs to be big enough to feed all the made people plus one especially for Carler, plus one or two more. The not made people can share, or have tiny, bite-sized pieces.

Also, when cutting slices for the made people, cut them smaller, so they can help Carler and the other guests with their unfinished pieces!

a li'l bit squishy said...

Why, oh why, do you need to live so far away?

Count me in, in spirit. I have dreamed of red cake my entire life, I just didn't know it until this moment! And the girls will remember it forever...

Inna said...

what an imagination! :)
I'd love some cake, red velvet is one of my favorites. Especially with lots of frosting.