Monday, July 13, 2009

Start spreading the news

This weekend we told E about her future sibling, Groundhog. She received the information well. Yay! Yay! Yay!

And then she questioned: she lifted my shirt and poked me in the navel. There’s a baby in there?

And then she saddened: But I don’t want there to be three of us. I like us now, not with three of us.

And then she vacillated: I don’t want you to have three kids. I want you to have SIXTEEN kids!

And the she sought validation: but I’m still your first baby, right, Mama?

And then she found her niche: I’m a big sister and I’m going to be a big BIG sister and L’s never been a big sister and I’m going to teach her EVERYTHING I KNOW!

All week long we passed a candy shop on the boardwalk selling Uglydolls and a bright purple one kept beckoning to E. Yesterday while L napped I took E back to the beach one last time so we could collect a few more rocks and shells and say goodbye to this place that has so captured her heart. As we passed the candy shop for the final time on our last walk away from the beautiful Atlantic waves, I paused. Thinking why not get the girls a memento, I bought the bright purple doll for E and a pink counterpart for her sister.

We ran into the house one last time just as L finished her nap and the lovely husband finished our packing. E rushed to her sister (who, yes, was so thoroughly tuckered from our morning adventure that she fell asleep half-naked on the floor) and presented her with her new pink bundle of joy.

Having delivered her sister's gift, E then ran to find her daddy. She proudly held her purple doll up high for him to see. Daddy! Daddy, look! This is my new kid. I just got him. I just got him out. He was in my belly.
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Kelly (conversemomma) said...

It is so lovely how they work it out verbally to listen and just love. Tonight, Jack and I talked about where babies grow. He told me he wants to grow a baby in his belly. So cute.

Mrs. G. said...

Awww...too sweet.

stepforddreams said...

They are such gorgeous girls your little stars! So thrilled about baby groundhog, very exciting indeed. Love the Ugly Dolls. My husband bought me one when we were dating (weird huh?) andyway my toddler isn't a fan. She points to it and asks "Happy face? No. Sad face? No." she looks very confused everytime we get it out!

a li'l bit squishy said...

My favorite is watching my children breastfeed their babies. It's so exciting to watch how they listen and see and understand the world around them. Congratulations this time for E & L, big sisters to be!