Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages...

A riddle--

Question: What if there are two really great special events in town for the same two days only? But one of those days is Monday, which is lovely for stay-at-home families, of which type we are not?

Answer: You have a very, very fun Sunday.

So, after the cake, before the theater, we went to the circus.

This one-ring circus troupe comes through town every year and sets up on the old hospital grounds, which is a big grassy field across the street from the new hospital grounds.

Has your front porch ever been 15 feet from an elephant and 25 feet from a portapotty, respectively?

We’d seen them set up every year but we’d never attended before.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that now I think it’ll be an annual affair.

There were acrobats and tigers and the juggler and the balancing act and the ringmaster and cotton candy.

And there were horses and dogs and of course, elephants.

And clowns.

With really enviable eyelashes. Pin It


Kelly (conversemomma) said...

I vowed I would never take my children to the circus because of the inhumane way that elephants are treated, but that was before I had a daughter that belly laughs at clowns. We'll see.

a li'l bit squishy said...

i am amused by your take on the sunday/monday situation. we are a family of working parents too but we work shift so that our children are with always with one parent which means we are rarely available for fun stuff on the weekend. and recently i experienced one of my working mom cousins complain about things for families and preschoolers being held during the week. i was most annoyed, we deserve to be able to do fun things too, shouldn't there be fun things at different times so that everyone gets to enjoy some of them? i love how you have a "make the best of the situation" attitude and the photos are amazing!