Saturday, May 2, 2009

Invisible threat, real protection

One of the biggest advantages of M's current job over his last one is that while he probably still travels as much as he ever had, it's almost never on weekends now. He began this job eleven weeks before E was born and I appreciate that difference very much, but no more so than on days like today, that rare weekend day that takes him away from us for work reasons.

M left us to our own devices until Tuesday night and my mother came in as backup. We were out late last night for the monthly evening children's service at our synagogue so we stayed close to home today. The girls and my mom spent a lot of time on the swingset while I hovered in my air-conditioned pollen-protected house. My mom tried to dent the clean-but-unfolded laundry piles that have taken over the living room. I herded sheep rambunctious monkeys and kept them entertained. More or less.

E concocted this elaborate game where we were going to visit dangerous animals, and I was scared, and she held my hand and protected me, but I was very scared. So sometimes I had to beg her to hide with me, so overwhelmed was I with the fear. Then E could shush me while I screamed. L didn't really play with us, so occupied was she with her beaded necklace and her book and her milk cup and the rocking chair all being hers all to herself, since E and I were on that very dangerous indoor safari. L did, however, always join in the screaming from her perch, and then return to rocking and reading. My mother commented that she was waiting for the neighbors to call the police but I am almost certain that our houses just far enough apart that we can shriek undetected.

We passed the polar bear in the kitchen and we screamed. We spotted a tiger in the dining room but we crouched in a corner until it had passed, and then we sobbed with relief. We got to the living room where I thought we were safe, but then E spotted a scary giraffe. I suggested we lay still on the floor; maybe giraffes can't see well, so far down. We still had to scream, though, because the fear was still there: what if it still somehow saw us? I suggested to E that maybe she ask Grams for a blanket or something that we could hide underneath. E yelled to my mom, three feet away: Grams! GRAMS!! Throw something on so we can HIDE FROM THE SCARY GIRAFFE! Intuiting the the need for cover was dire, Grams threw the item she was folding, which just happened to be a pair of M's boxers. As the soft cotton draped our faces, E and I cowered, nose to nose. And I thought, if M hadn't done so much laundry in anticipation for his trip, I might have died today. And wouldn't that have been tragic for L to have been left motherless and sisterless because of one of those freak scary giraffe maulings you're always hearing about on the news.

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ConverseMomma said...

We are always ducking monster around every corner. I have perfected my anxious scream. Luckily, I have two super-heros who wear fashionable underoos and know how to chase the dark and scary away.

a li'l bit squishy said...

Your girls will have such fond memories of these moments.