Monday, April 27, 2009

The Rules

L is steadily learning how to talk and it's one of the defining changes that distinguishes her from her former baby self. She especially loves to say what her sister is saying, and E is happy to indulge. E sings If you're happy and you know it shout hooray and L can't say the whole hooray! yet but she throws her arms in the air and yells YAY! E sings The ants go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah and when she gets to the line and they all go marching down/ around/ the town/ boom! boom! boom! L is right there with BOOMBOOMBOOM!

Today L added another chorus line to her collection. E handed out Cheez-its as we were driving home: one for L, and one each for herself and for me. As is custom, L can eat hers whenever she wants but I must hold on to mine so we can clink crackers and toast Cheers! Today L didn't eat her cracker. She held on to it, and joined our salutation with a mighty EER!

[This week, station wagons. Next week, beer gardens.]

So we drove through sun glare and pollen smog and traffic, carb-loading and EER!ing all the way home. And E was so delighted that L joined our toasts, and L was so delighted to have unlocked one more verbal mystery. And I was so delighted to preside over backseat family harmony.

Then we got home and E asked for some dried raspberries. I opened the tub and sat on the couch between my lovely girls. I handed each girl a berry and offered, "cheers?"

They scowled at me and snarled in stereo. NO!!

Apparently you don't do that with raspberries. What was I thinking. Pin It

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Maternal Mirth said...

My kids 'clink' sippie cups and bottles. We'll be meeting you at the beer garden next week :o)