Thursday, April 2, 2009

Night, spunky independent variation

We finish two books and scootch down until we flop on the pillow. She yanks my arm around her, positioning it just so. She sleeps in a full-size bed, but one pillow, the one against the wall, is in use by a purple lion, a purple clown fish, two purple and one fuchsia dogs, Purple Girl, Baby Doll, the Girls' purple dotted blanket, and her purple purse filled with books; and also I am told we're saving space for Carler, the compounded man-boy formed from the flesh of Carlton and Brother (he's not made, she reminds me); so we share the other pillow together, she next to her crowded queendom and me with my bottom branded by the mesh lining of the bed rail. We get comfy but she sits up and tugs at me, asking me in the dark to verify that her purple anteater is in position. We check, we scootch, she tugs. In preparing a fine meal, when you lay your meat on a hot grill you are always supposed to lay it down at an angle so you can get those lovely diagonal scorch marks, and if you want to cross-hatch, you lift it carefully halfway through cooking and rotate its angle. So it is with my butt and the mesh of the bed rail. My bicep fills the space under her neck between her shoulder and her head and as soon as we're in formation she commences fake-snoring from the back of her throat so enthusiastically that the sonic vibrations tickle my joints. Without warning, she sits back up, and careens down again, her bowling ball of a head crashing into the softest, most vulnerable and unclenched part of my stomach. From this perch she feels for my hand, brings it to her face, and kisses the palm.
You know what, Mama?
I love you very much.
And I'm ready for you to go away now.


Edited to add: This post was featured on Five Star Friday, Edition #48.

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musing said...

I love this! So much so I'm submitting it to the wonderful Schmutzie for :)

Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

ConverseMomma said...

I so hope I get to this moment. I am tired of sleeping in a toddler bed for half of the night.

This, all your posts, are very deserving of being FIVE STAR!

Sus said...

Oh, how many times my bottom has been branded by the mesh lining of the bed rail! I love it. Here from Five Star Friday and will be back again. I can't wait for my daughter to tell me to go away at night.

Andi said...

Found you through Five Star Friday, and I just have to say... this is EXACTLY, nearly word-for-word, like many nights cuddling with my daughter, including the menagerie of stuffed "friends" and the imaginary ones as well. Very beautifully written!