Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chew on this

Three stars in the sky, and Passover is over for another year. We resume our leavened-filled diets, and we switch back to our regular dishes, shoving the Passover ones back into their basement closet for another year. This is a fun and meaningful holiday but it's also so long. We finished the holiday with a long family walk this evening, and then we put the girls to bed and set about restoring the kitchen for everyday eating. Getting ready for Passover entails both a mental and a physical spring cleaning. Ending Passover is like hitting the reset button on your demeanor: a clean house, a new start, this holiday was a break from it all and now let's see what we're made of. Tomorrow, we go back to work and school and ordinary days. Today was the last day of this annual exercise in reflection. The following is what each of us had on our minds today:

L: Why should I settle for crying when I could full-out screech?

M: When we go back to regular food tonight, should we eat pizza or burritos for dinner?

Me: Why does a holiday I love so much have to be so much work?

E: Mama, why does my underwear sometimes get stuck in my tushie? Pin It


Kelly (conversemomma) said...

Oh, I laugh at your posts. I went to visit the preschool J-man is going to be starting. There was a little boy who was walking all akward and picking at his tush. I must have sorta cocked my head, cause the teacher leaned in close, smiled and said...first day with his new underroos. I laughed so hard then.

musing said...

Mama, why does my underwear sometimes get stuck in my tushie?Good question!