Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bible Buddy

About three weeks ago I began telling the girls the story of Passover as we drove home each evening. “A long, long time ago, all the Jewish people lived in a place called Egypt. The man in charge of Egypt was called Pharaoh, and Pharaoh made all the Jews be slaves. To be a slave is a terrible thing. It means having no play time and no yummy things to eat. It means working all day, every day. It means having no comfy beds. In Egypt, it meant that the daddies couldn’t live together with the mommies and the kids didn’t get to live with both of their parents and everybody had to work all the time.”

Like the God story, I have to tell it the same way every time or else I am corrected. I’m raising a backseat storyteller.

I tell the girls about how the Jews escaped, bringing bread dough on their backs that would bake in the hot sun into matzah. I tell them about how they ran through the sea but God kept them dry by moving the water away. I tell how they moved in to the desert and lived there a long time, so they could learn what it felt like to be free. I said once, “and that’s the end of the story.” But E asked what happened to them so I said they were given the Torah while they lived in the desert, and after a long time they got to go live in Israel.

But first, of course, we always have to talk about how the slaves got away from Pharaoh. I tell the girls about the ten plagues and all the icky punishments that happened to the Egyptians when Pharaoh wouldn’t let the Jews leave, but first we always have to talk about the nice, shy man named Moses who was sent by God to talk to Pharaoh about setting his slaves free. E doesn’t always like talking to people she doesn’t know well so I told her about how Moses didn’t want to talk to Pharaoh. He asked God to send his brother, instead. But God looked at Moses and said, “nope, it’s you, buddy. This is your job.”

So now E always asks, Mama? Tell me the story where God calls him ‘Buddy.’

And then, of course, we always talk about how ewwy it would be if you really found frogs in your bed and frogs on your head.

Passover begins tomorrow night and it’s a holiday filled with food and time for family and, of course, contemplating the gift of freedom. I have a lot of contemplating to do because the whole meaning of freedom changes once you’re the custodian to small children. I’ll be focusing elsewhere this week so I won’t be live posting, but I have posts scheduled to go up each day through Saturday night. They’re photo-centric so if that’s not your thing I’ve included a link at the bottom of each one that will take you to one of my Favorite Posts of Yore. I’ll be back here live! and in the fingertips! on Sunday night or Monday.

And hey! Happy Passover! Or Easter! Or Tuesday!
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ConverseMomma said...

Enjoy the holiday, my friend.

Sus said...

I love the idea (and the fact) of passing on these intensely meaningful stories and traditions to our children - and you do it very well, clearly. And I love the idea of God calling one of us, any of us, "Buddy."