Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Use your words

We passed the mosque we always pass on the way home, and E volunteered, my friend Johnny goes to mosque! I asked her who Johnny is and she said just that he's her friend. I asked if he's a new kid at school and she said no. I asked where Johnny is and when she answered with exasperation, right HERE, Mama! was when I realized he was the newest addition to the imaginary menagerie.

E's had Jennie, Brother and Carlton for so long. I guess they were ready to widen their social network.

So I wanted to get to know Johnny. I asked E how old he is, and she said he's not a number. I asked what color his eyes and hair are and she said no colors! I asked who takes him to mosque and she said nobody and I asked why?

He doesn't get a number old and he doesn't have colors in his eyes and he goes with nobody!

And I asked why not?

Mama! He doesn't have those things because he's not-made-of! His eyes don't have colors because he's not-made-of and he doesn't have a mommy or daddy who takes him because he's not-made-of! But even kids who are not-made-of are my friends, she said defiantly.

Isn't that a great description? So I welcomed Johnny into our car and into our family, even though I can't see him, I have subsequently been warned twice not to sit on him again, and even though he's not-made-of. Pin It