Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shabbat on Tuesday

Without question, the highlight of synagogue activities for our girls is the monthly 'Tot Shabbat' Saturday morning service for the four-and-under set. The key elements of the adult service are replicated in miniature: the first paragraph of a prayer, the first verse of a song. Even a junior sized Torah scroll is paraded through the shortie congregation, and the kids learn the songs and behaviors. They know to kiss the Torah as it is carried by. In the adult congregation, most people touch the scroll with their fingertips or prayer shawls and then kiss their fingers; the kids tend to lay their lips right on the Torah's mantle.

Both our girls have plush Torah scrolls that they play with around the house. Sometimes E will grab her scroll and sing the song and march around the house. Sometimes L will grab her scroll and wiggle in place and plead uh? uh? until somebody sings the song for her.

Tonight we had a fugitive in the house. L broke free from her diaper change and made a run for it, stopping only to grab her Torah scroll. It warmed my heart to see that as she streaked by, her older sister leaned in, and very demurely and appropriately, gave it a kiss. Those Saturday mornings are sinking in.

March 3, 2009

Portraits of our daughter, who finds her faith very freeing.

Still, I'm not sure if this fits within the conventional notion of paying honor.

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JAS said...

Of course it's conventional. After all, we are all naked before God, aren't we?