Thursday, March 5, 2009

Driving lessons

This week it was the good people of Minnesota who needed and then relinquished my husband, and I do hope they were happy with his company, but we were quite glad to have him returned to us (until Tuesday). But oh, how the girls have been missing their daddy so they were very excited when he surprised them by picking them up at daycare as I left independently for another activity.

That is, they were happy for a while.

M called me, cell-to-cell, and informed me that E had a request. He put her on the phone.

Mama! Daddy doesn't know how to tell the story of getting all the cars out of our way. Can you tell him how to use the story so he can tell the cars that I have to go pee-pee?

She didn't trust my work so I ran through it with her line by line, and when she was satisfied she passed the phone to M. And then I gave him a summary. And I encouraged him to be dramatic, and I wished him luck.

My phone rang again five minutes later. Mama! He's not doing it right. Teach him again! I rehearsed his lines with him again.

One highway exit later, my phone rang yet again. Mo-om!! Mom!

M needs remedial traffic vs. small bladder story-telling exercises, and my girl always needs her Mama. Pin It

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't M read the blog?!?! I know the story! I read it in the blog!
Love, Grams
PS: But I am sure no one can do it all as well as NES!!