Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snuggle bunny

I grew up cold. My parents both seem to run warm, and all my winter-month childhood memories involve freezing. There is nothing I find more physically upsetting than being cold. It's not just the sensation, it's also the emotional component of long-endured misery.

It's one of the reasons we moved two states south from where we grew up. It's also why our house is heated abundantly. I would rather stop buying clothes, chocolate and wine than turn the heat down to save money via the electric bill.

I'm in training all week at work and I'm dressing accordingly. It's being held in a chronically over-air-conditioned lecture hall and I've been dressing in the necessary layers. Today I wore jeans and a pink tank top under a brown wool sweater.

It is a replenishing joy to me that when I get home on a day like today in February, as long as I keep my socks on I can take off my sweater and be comfy in our home in just the tank top. And that's how I was dressed when I took E upstairs for her bedtime routine. We changed her into her pajamas, we filled and turned on her vaporizer to comfort her enduring ear infection sniffles, we picked two books, we crawled in bed and read them, and then we turned off the lamp and lay down together for our customary two minutes' snuggle.

She couldn't get comfy.

I need a tissue for my nose!

Poor girl. Her ears are constantly draining. She has an appointment with the ENT specialist in the morning.

We reestablished comfort, and this time she buried herself deep in my armpit. Then,

I need a tissue for my face!

I'm pretty sure she just ate a deodorant crumb. Pin It