Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My sketch comedy home life

Why my husband has to parallel park into our two-car garage:

For the love of Incredible Non-Melty Snowman and the child who molded him on asphalt instead of grass


Mama, can I have a bite of your sandwich?
"Do you like peanut butter today?"
"Here... "
[grimace] I don't like it.
"Sorry, sweetie."
Maybe I don't like the jelly. Could I have a bread with just peanut butter?
"Sure. Here, love."
I don't like it.
I think I don't like this bread.
"It's whole wheat. Do you want to try peanut butter on a cracker?"
I don't like it. This doesn't go with cracker.
How else can I eat it?
"Would you like to try the peanut butter on a spoon?"
Yes! A purple spoon!
I don't like it. It doesn't go with spoon.
Maybe I like it just on my finger.

"Do you want to try that?"
Daddy! I ate peanut butter and I liked it!


The real reason we took L off of bottles and moved her onto sippy cups:

So the bottle dryer would be available for the doll shoe that had been in the path of a wayward black bean juice drip when E picked up her bowl of beans to drink the juice; for the doll who needed to sleep near her shoe while it dried; and for the companion doll who absolutely is not doing anything untoward on our kitchen counter. Pin It

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Allison said...

Boy, I admire your patience. lol