Monday, December 22, 2008

(for the second candle)

13. Figure out what you believe.
14. Defend your beliefs.
15. Listen respectfully to those who disagree with you.

16. Don’t run away from conflict.
17. Fight fair.
18. Fight with words, or actions, or dollars, but not with your hands.

19. Fight for your dreams. Chase them.

20. Always try new things.
21. Be open to trying things you think you don’t like. You might like them now. Pin It

Purple portrait

This is why I sometimes call her Purple Girl.

(purse. shirt. pants. shorts added to the top of pants because It's Not Enough, MAMA!. cup. nailpolish.)

(She sleeps with that purse, and will only use the bathroom if it's in the room with her.)

She pretty much always looks like that. Pin It