Monday, December 8, 2008

We Wii, we Wiiiiiiiiiiiii

I have a new personal trainer. Every day I pick the girls up from daycare and E asks if Daddy will be home. If the answer is yes she asks if he can put her sister to bed so she and I can Wii.

We got a Wii Fit recently and I had originally wanted it for an option on days that I might not want to run but E wants to Wii every day. And she's brutal. She selects our activities. Hula hoop might be only two minutes long, but she picked hula hoop six times in a row today. Then she sent us on an extended run and the 10-minute step program. She gets so excited with each selection and as she loses personal interest she says. I watch you, now, Mama. You finish, and I sit. So her evening activity of choice is to direct my pain. We're raising her either to be a very focused exercise physiologist or a top-rate dominatrix, I'm not sure which.

Look how she's set herself up a miniWii right next to me. The kitchen is down a cutting board, and there are sore pieces in my thighs and hips for which I don't even know the names.

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