Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scenes from a stroller

With my job in government and M's job in an organization so tied so closely to the DC pulse, we both had the day off today for Veteran's Day. And of course, since the girls' daycare is at my work, it was closed. We had a weekend day in the middle of the week.

So we went on a nature walk.

E decided that rather than sitting in the double stroller, she should be pushing behind it, giving her sister a ride uphill.

We went to Rock Creek Park and spent an hour or so along the paved trails. E's been so into photography, so we had planned this outing as a picture-taking exposition. I asked E if she wanted to go to a walk in the big park and take pictures of the pretty leaves. She said, and take pictures of the pretty acorns, too?

This late in the season the leaves are past their peak prettiness but we set out anyway, E with our point-and-shoot and me with our DSLR, L in the lookout seat and M pushing the 20-something pound stroller with the 50-something pound (combined) children up and down the rolling hills.

Here are two of my favorite of her photos: they both show our day uniquely from her point of view.

Happy Veteran's Day!

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