Friday, October 10, 2008

Mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys

My mama should feel very relieved that I found a satisfying career path, because she derailed my fourth-grade dreams. I came home one day with a Profound Thought: I discovered my ambition and I wanted to be:

an interior designer.

She scoffed. There was scoffing. Then she said dismissively, “oh honey, don’t do that. That’s for dumb people, and you’re smarter than that.”

Okay, I was in 4th grade. I probably would not have actually become an interior designer. But, had I not been squashed like an uninvited roach, I believe I might have pursued design studies, and might have found studying design very fulfilling. And intellectual. And I don’t think I would have become an interior designer. I think I would have worked on paper, ultimately. 2D, not 3D. Surface pattern, probably. Anyway, the basis for that notion, young and unformed as it was, was the foundation of what led me to study art history. The notion at its heart: I like pretty things. I like the creative process. That’s not for dumb people. I took that instinct and turned it in a different direction, a more traditionally academic one, but the underlying instinct was unchanged.

I turned out okay. But I have been thinking about my early ambitions because somebody recently sent me a color vision test. Go try it.

Want to know how I did?

And I’m just saying: I might have been a phenomenal and extremely successful interior designer.

My girls, my beautiful daughters filled with all the world’s potential:

Go be whatever you want to be. If it’s moral and it makes you happy, I’ll always support you. Pin It