Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well, as long as you're comfortable

The truth is, I spent much of this weekend pondering Gypsies: are there still any? Do they really buy children? Do they want my older one? Would I have to spend time confined on a cross-Atlantic trip with her in order to reach them or do they have a nice branch office somewhere on the Eastern seaboard?

But before this whole day went down Disaster Lane, she had one very thoughtful comment. I'm holding onto it, along with the last fiber of my sanity.

We were on the way out for a few errands. I asked her if she wanted a cup of milk for the car and she asked if she could have some chocolate milk. I wasn't opposed to the request but it surprised me because she hadn't asked for chocolate milk in weeks, so I asked her why?

Mommy, it's because chocolate is really comfy in my mouth.

You know? It's comfy in my mouth, too. And after today I deserve some. Instead of milk maybe I'll just mix it with vodka. Pin It