Monday, September 22, 2008


This is E's pajama drawer. In the front you see her many pairs of long-pantsed pajama sets. the few crumply items in the back are a couple of just-in-case pairs of shorts pajamas, and the dark item in the corner is a polo shirt of her friend SMA's borrowed long ago after a marathon bubble-blowing session that left the two little friends pretty slicked up. SMA is uninterested in polo shirts so his mom said to keep it, and E likes sleeping in her 'SMA bubbles shirt.'

I did laundry for about 112 hours this weekend, converting the girls' accessible wardrobes to cool-weather readiness. Look at that drawer, a visible testament to my efforts. If you extrapolated from the above picture that her other drawers, and her sister's, are just as full, just as nicely folded, just as bursting with Autumn Readiness, you'd be extrapolating well. Of all the projects I'm behind on in life, all the things I feel disorganized about, the Semi-Annual Girls' Clothing Switcheroo does not give me a feeling of incompetence. Somebody draw a big, fat check mark in the air and give me a gold star. I mean, just look: I did jamas RIGHT.

Both last night and already this evening, E declared she's sleeping in her day clothes. Pin It