Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reports say the hostage-takers are white, 4mm tall

And they're remaining firmly out of sight for now.

L has been teething very dramatically for the better part of two weeks. She's...okay during the day. Gross runny nose, chewing on all manner of things I wish she wouldn't chew on (her favorite item is one of her sister's Crocs), but not so crabby.

Sleeping, though, is another issue. This girl CANNOT sleep right now. We've tried about every teething strategy in the known parenting arsenal. We are all suffering. Even E has awakened more than once to her sister's screams. We don't negotiate with terrorists is supposed to be the stance. But we might be willing to agree or arbitration or something. We want some shrapnel. When her gumline finally shows it's been pierced we're going to throw a T-Day celebration and organize a parade down Main Street. Pin It

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it...

[At breakfast.]
Mama, can you help me pick up my bagel?
Sure, sweetie. Here.
Thanks, Mama! You're a good helper!
Wow, thanks, love! That was a nice thing to say. You made me feel nice inside.
Yeah I did. And I made you very, very happy, too. Pin It