Saturday, July 26, 2008

In between

Today my first baby is exactly two-and-a-half. More than two. Two meant, for her, learning how to be a sister. Learning to share Mommy and Daddy. Old news, that. So long ago. Now she's more. The and-a-half changes everything.

She's asleep in a sleeping bag right now on her bedroom floor. For several months we've been discussing her eventual graduation from crib to bed. She showed no interest for just about forever. So I set a deadline that she'd understand. The bed she's going to get is the one that we currently use for guests. So we decided that after Grandma and Grandpa and Grams and Gramps all sleep in it one more time, it will be hers. (Not at once. It's only a double.) Grandma and Grandpa are here right now. Grams and Gramps are coming next weekend. E has been refusing her crib for about two weeks but she won't accept the bed yet. We ask her if she wants it. NO! Grams and Gramps didn't sleep in it one more time yet! Oh. So she's on the floor.

If I hear any pee-pees or poops coming, I will get up and call you. These are the terms she negotiates for leaving her bedroom, since without the shackles of a crib she's realized she can come and go, and we've realized she will do so about 800 times a minute. Hence the necessity of negotiations. So far every time we've tucked her in her sleeping bag-- tucked her on her sleeping bag, since she really lays above it, with a blanket above her, she's heard some waste coming down the tracks. ("Hearing" it is really how she phrases it.) But every time, thus far, that we've then led her to a potty, she's reliably put something in. I know every logic dictates that therefore we should be sitting her on the potty before we tuck her on, but then she'd certainly not have to go, or she'd find another reason to get up, or both.

Maybe it's because she's closer to the ground, she can sense the vibrations sooner or something, but sleeping on the floor is going to turn out to be the way she gets potty trained.

How many kids sleep on the ground next to a crib instead of in it, get offered immediate delivery of a distantly-scheduled bed and refuse in favor of the berber carpet, and listen for their urine while it's still inside?

Happy half, E, my crazy monkey. Pin It