Friday, June 20, 2008

Still life with tourism postcard

June 13, 2008

A week ago today we returned home from the beach. Life has easily resumed its patterns and its disruptions of patterns; our vacation of just a week ago already feels distant. So here is one final picture, to extend the sensation of being fully relaxed. On our last morning E and I went to the beach by ourselves, early. I think we left the house by 7:00 am and walked the short few blocks. We travelled light, just one towel to sit on, and one bag of only the most choice sand toys, and of course, our zippy bag for shell collecting (and my perennial sidekick, my camera). E and I enjoyed the ocean's rhythms and refuse for about an hour, and then stood up to return to our house and pack. As we left the beach for the walk back, E turned to the Atlantic and waved. "Goodbye beach! Goodbye ocean! See you later!"
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