Sunday, June 8, 2008

Magic beans

“It’s vacation,” we’ve all been saying, I’m not sure if pre-emptively to agree to relax all rules, or as rationalization after rules have all been already discarded.

E woke up this morning and invented a boo-boo on her elbow. I asked her if lotion would make it better, as it usually does at home. “No, she said, I need sumkin.” I asked her what, and with a face full of hmm, I know, and I just thought of this just now, she said “umm, chulawkulate!!!!”

And it’s not yet even 7 in the morning and in a house of 6 kids she’s the only one awake (again) at this hour, so either because it’s vacation or because she’s so cute with that face or because I just don’t want her caterwauling to wake up the rest of the house if I say no, I say instead, “umm, okay.”

I give her a piece of chocolate, and ask her if she’s all better. As soon as she finishes eating it, she says, “Mama!! I have a boo-boo on my leg now!!!” and she asks for another piece of chocolate.

I’m mixing the yeast and flour and sugar for challah dough on the countertop, so I ask her to wait a second. Then she spies a zippy bag of jelly beans on the counter, leftover from last night’s post-child snack time. “Maaamaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Whaaat are thooooose??”

I tell her they’re called jelly beans and she jumps “I want a purple one!” So why not, I figure, if she’s had chocolate already and it’s still pre-dawn, have a jelly bean, too.

“Mama!! I like it!” And then she volunteered, “and it made my boo-boo ALL BETTER!” Pin It