Friday, May 23, 2008

Not yet

Every week or so I ask E if she thinks she’s ready for a big girl bed. “Not yet.”

One day we were at Target together. We passed a vivid wall of bright square parcels and E asked what she was seeing. I told her they were bed sheets, like she’ll have on her big girl bed one day. She turned toward the purple. It was a beautiful purple, a deep amethyst, a royal color, a bold hue. We put them in the cart. Purple sheets for your big girl bed, when you’re ready. She asked if her crib could be purple. I don’t see any purple crib sheets here, I told her, but we can get extra pillowcases for your big girl sheets, and use the purple pillowcases now. She’s had a purple pillow ever since.

This weekend we’re going to M’s parents’ new house for a two-night stay, and E will be sleeping in an inflatable bed. I told her that we’re going to try a big bed for her at Grandma and Grandpa’s. She was excited. And I told her if she likes it, we can move her to a big girl bed when we get home.“Not yet.”

A couple of nights ago she told me at bedtime that there was no room for her in her crib. I asked her why and she said, “Purple lion doesn’t scoot over.” He was in the middle of the purple pillow, and apparently not interested in sharing. I asked her if she wanted me to remove any of her animals. “No, Mama. I need them!” I asked her if she would want to switch to a bed soon, where all of her friends have more room. “Not yet.”

She can stay in the crib forever, if she wants, as long as she sleeps well in it. She still hasn’t realized she could probably climb out on her own, and it’s a system that works well for all of us. So we’re not presenting the idea of a bed with any pressure. We’re waiting to see when it will be an idea that holds intrinsic appeal for her. This coming weekend will either lead to immediate desire for her own bed back home, or lots of screaming fits and inability to sleep while we’re there. Just another reason that traveling is an adventure. Wish us all luck - for good sleep, and for travelling with two little ones on a holiday weekend! Pin It