Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Portrait of femininity

May 20, 2008

E is a tomboy. She is rough-and-tumble. A boy pushes her on the playground, she pushes back - hard. She yells. She runs. She climbs and throws. It's no exaggeration to say she's one of the wildest kids in her school.

But she has a very strong interest in small niches of girly things. At top of that list are my shoes. Only some of them. Not my flats, not my flip-flops. The girlier my shoes are, the more strongly E is attracted.

I recently ordered a new pair of shoes, and they arrived in today's mail. These are shoes that could make a fetishist faint. These are Women in a crowd of mere Girly. They are *Red*Patent Leather*Peep toe*Bow on Top*Three inch heel* gorgeous shoes. And I love them.

But E loves them more. She pulled them out of the box and didn't even give me time to remove the packets of silica gel. She started cramming them onto my feet, and when I didn't stand up fast enough to initiate their maiden catwalk, she pulled them back off of my feet and stepped into them herself.

She had already taken her clothes off before we opened the shoes, so there she was, covered only in her diaper and my shoes. And she wouldn't relinquish them. She wore them all evening, all around the house, and only took them off for dinner. And only because I made her do so. Because I was afraid she would drop black beans in them.
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"Jennie and my brother"

E has lots of friends, both real and imaginary. One girl, Jennie, is both. She plays with E at school, and shows up again at our house. When she appears at home or in the car, invisible, she brings a co-conspirator.

“Jennie and my brother are sleeping, Mama. Can you tuck them in?”

“No! Don’t put that there! Jennie and my brother are sitting there!”

“Jennie and my brother don’t like that noise! Can you close the window? They don’t like lawnmowers.”

We're flying up to M's hometown this weekend to celebrate his mother's 60th birthday. When we were talking to E about our upcoming trip, we told her she’d have her own seat on the airplane this time, because she’s such a big girl. “And I have my own chair!” she repeated. “And Jennie and my brother sit with me in it!”

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