Sunday, May 18, 2008

Even dead, she might be proud of me for the first time in her life

My less-recently deceased grandmother didn't really talk to us, but even before she didn't really talk to us she was a home economics teacher. Also, before she didn't talk to us, she didn't talk to her own sister for more than 40 years, though they lived in the same city. So not talking to us wasn't even really very hard, I guess. True story: this grandmother and her husband, my still-alive grandfather, were working towards their second decade of not talking to us when they decided to attend my wedding. They came either Thursday or Friday, and stayed through at least Sunday night, and she never talked to me. He almost talked to me. He got as far as putting his hand on my shoulder, and was maybe two words into a sentence intended for my reception, when he got A Look. He didn't finish the sentence. He changed the ending of that sentence into "um, well!..." and turned and walked away. But they did show up in line to walk down the aisle as part of the ceremony. Clearly, my family is Very Good at Family Relations.

As point of reference, my more-recently deceased grandmother didn't really talk to us much, either, but that was more because 1) she was stoic and conversationally unemotional; 2) she was fairly deaf; and 3) she never really believed that Long Distance could be used casually. Long Distance was hand-pressed linen, not throwaway Kleenex. So, she would absolutely talk to us in principle; she just didn't in practice.

Digressions on top of digressions. My specialty, but stop snorting, Laurence, it's also my blog.

So: my younger daughter has done so well with cereal that we're upping the ante. This evening it's sweet potatoes, baby. So this afternoon I made the baby food version of sweet potatoes, and she'll be dining like royalty tonight! For $5.97 of organic sweet potatoes and a few ounces of formula, I filled 74 ice cube tray squares with orange puree. Considering a meal is only one square right now, maybe two as she gets bigger, I just made at least 50 meals for less than $7 of raw ingredients. Take that, iconic Gerber Baby face.

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