Monday, May 5, 2008

Inchworm, inchworm

L started crawling this weekend. It's not very impressive yet, as crawling goes. It's not a knee-pounding trounce across the hardwood yet. It just as often goes sideways as forwards, and it's most reliable for going backwards. (Yesterday, by going in reverse she got herself wedged from the hips down under E's dresser.) But it's purposeful, head-up, tush-up, hands-and-knees-and-feet-down navigation. It's fascinating, a lesson in nature and instinct and evolution, a veritable Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom documentary on the activities of the young human, right on the faded family room carpet. It comes with a huge gummy grin, and like any self-respecting specimen being observed in her natural habitat, also on display are a little drooling and grunting. Pin It