Thursday, April 24, 2008

This may be taking things too far

Me: "Are you ready, Big Girl?"
Her: "Mommy, I'm not Big Girl. I'm Big BIRD!!" Pin It

1:47 am. Or maybe 2:16 am. I can't remember because I'm a little tired.

Interrupting my sleep, a verbal barrage of cannonfire shot through the monitor. MommyMommyMommyMOMMYMOMMYMOMMYMommyMOMMYMOMMYMommyMommy!

I'm definitely under attack. Daddy's never under attack. Something's bothering her badly enough to disturb her slumber, and it's clearly urgent.
I guess I should go check on her.

Me, whispering, as if to deny that she's awake: "Yes, love?"

Her, lying comfortably across her pillow, snuggling, there might as well be a tanned servant boy plucking grapes off the vine and fanning her: "Mommy, my blanket fell off my legs. I can't get it because I'm holding purple bear. Can you put it on me?" Pin It