Saturday, April 5, 2008

Still life with Sesame Street taxonomy

April 5, 2008

E has long preferred her Pampers to have Big Bird on them over any other character. In her size 4s there are four or five characters on a given diaper so we can often, though not always, accommodate that request. And she's learned that when we're out of Big Birds, we have to empty the basket of all the other guys before we can open a new package for more of our big yellow friend.

L's size 1s only bear one puppet likeness at a time. As L hasn't taken to expressing her own opinions verbally yet, we never minded this limitation. But then E started asking that every diaper of L's be changed with a Big Bird diaper. So now we keep them sorted -- Big Birds are prominently up top for when E's around to scrutinize, and all the second-class citizens of the Street live down below for when L's tushie changes are unchaperoned. Pin It

Out of the mouths of babes

Admittedly it's been a crazy week. Last night we took a split shift on Shabbat. M picked up L and brought her home and put her to bed. I picked up E, took her to a pre-candlelighting Friday night dinner at good ol' Noodles and Co., and then took her to the monthly Erev Shabbat toddler service at shul, where she had a great time, and even if she has no idea what the point of prayers is, she's doing a great job of learning all of the cantor's hand motions and games. We got home, and M had parked his car on the right side of the garage, and he usually parks on the left. He had done so to take advantage of the extra space to get L out of the car. But that meant when I pulled in to the garage with E, we were on the wrong side of the garage. And I guess her perspective became unrecognizably skewed, because she got upset, and started yelling and crying. "Where are we? This NOT OUR HOME! THIS NOT OUR HOME!" And I had to carry her into the house just to prove that it was ours.

She walked into the kitchen and must have recognized it, because she stopped crying immediately. She gazed at the clothes pile in front of the laundry closet and the mail detritus on the kitchen table, and said, "Oh my GOODNESS! This house is MESSY!"

Then E immediately directed her attention to the greatest magic in a two-year-old's universe: an Unopened Package. As she ripped the box open packing peanuts started pouring everywhere. M grabbed a grocery bag to collect them in, and he tried to direct her to pour the peanuts into the bag. Instead, E started grabbing them back out of the bag and crushing them with both little fists, covering the wood floor in styrofoam snowflakes. M rationally said to her, "Let's not put this all over the floor. Let's pour them all into the bag." E countered. "Let's not pour them into the bag. Let's pour all of them into my HAND. It's a Good Idea!" And then she did. Pin It