Sunday, March 30, 2008

And.... launch!

One more piece of business tonight. Dear family, who all complain about being so far, I set this blog up for you. And for me, because writing about the girls helps me remember the small stuff, and as my favorite quotation of all time goes, God is in the details*. But mostly for you, so you can check in on the girls whenever you like, without feeling so distant from their day-to-day antics and amusements. I'll try to write fairly regularly, and I'll also sometimes post old writing about E, as a small atonement for not starting this sooner. I hope you enjoy the reading. So go: bookmark this! Pronto!

From Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, an architect. Makes it even better now, huh? Pin It

Erev first day of daycare

L starts daycare tomorrow, and I return to work on Wednesday. Wednesday I'll think about later, but tonight is all about tomorrow. So in addition to what we always need on Monday mornings for E:

-her blanket
(-meaning we successfully remembered to bring it home on Friday)
(-and successfully remembered after Shabbat ended that we had to do laundry this weekend, so that it would be washed)
(-and washed it and dried it and returned it to the car);
-her bag packed with three milks, one water, five foods to eat at school and two cheesesticks to eat in the car;
-plus who knows what arbitrary one-time need: something orange? a new family photo? a cardboard toilet paper core? a white hat? (all real-life past examples);

now I also need tomorrow for L:

-monogrammed bag large enough to hold first day supplies, so that her first day picture will complement E's first day picture (thankfully having already been procured in time), packed with
-a sleeve of diapers,
-dispensing box of wipes,
-package of wipes refills,
-and sleep sack,
-burp cloth,
-emergency change of clothes,
-and extra onesie and socks beyond that,
-diaper cream (which we've never needed to use on her, but based on E's experiences, is a product her new teachers are very fond of)
-emergency supply of formula,
-at least two pacifiers, but not the green ones because another baby uses those,
-and I'm not sure how many bottles (which still need to be labeled with her name) filled with I'm not sure how many ounces of formula, because this will be her first ever daylight eight hours without nursing ;
-her 16-page registration packet
(-which is still 14/16ths not done (but I got the pediatrician to do his share!));
-and a checkbook, from which I might or might not be writing the advance deposit, because the interim director never let me know if that can be auto-charged like our regular tuition to our credit card, or if it's even necessary, since clearly I'm not turning in this paperwork in advance.

Think I win an award for the world's longest sentence up there? Or that I'm forgetting anything?
Now you see why I am not returning to work tomorrow. Wish us all luck! Pin It