Sunday, December 14, 2008


We had a mini-party today for L's birthday. I really like to celebrate a birthday on its day, which is why we had cake on Thursday. But all of the girls' grandparents live out of town so as a concession we had cake again today. Did I ever tell you that my girls have no cousins? As a result, 400 miles mean nothing to these grandparents. None of them can even imagine missing a birthday.

Uncle Matt and Aunt Esther need to start a-procreating. (Probably not together.)

So all weekend we've had a houseful of relatives. They played with the girls until there was nothing but giggles. They spoiled them silly with unnecessary but well-received presents. And then, of course, they needed to see cake. So we invited three friend-families to join us, and we shared a 21-person sugar high.

Ladybug cake, expanded second edition

The best friends are the kind we had in our home today: those who ooh over my homemade cake, even when its inspiration doesn't live up to its execution; those who understand our big girl and take her quirks in stride, like wearing nothing but underpants for the duration of her sister's party; those who find genuine pleasure in sharing our milestones -- not just L's first birthday, but also her day-old skill of walking. L walked! She walks! And our friends were nearly as excited as we are.

Her walking skills will improve faster than my cake decorating ones. I take a seven week reprieve. Then all the grandparents come back, and we make E's cake. She wants all those aMiNals and all those flowers. If you ask her which animals? She says, ALL those. We'll figure that out later. It'll be harder than ever to hold a steady hand on the frosting coupler, I'm sure, because L will probably be running by then.

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Anonymous said...

How very kind of L to take 4 whole entire steps for her first walk - one for each of her over-eager grandparents to witness on their own. What a special treat!
Love, Grams