Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pity party

E is snotting and coughing and moaning. I feel like we just finished a round of poor night sleeping due to coughing, and that round already did us in because it disrupted her independent sleep habits. In the four weeks since she was coughing through the night and finally stopped coughing through the night, she abandoned any pretense of sleeping on her own and every night sometime between 2 and 3 she comes in our room and pulls me to her bed, where I sleep until M wakes me up to tell me it's time to shower. I was geared up to break that habit this weekend and now she's coughing again and snotting and moaning and undoubtedly, she'll sleep poorly tonight and it might be the first legitimate night in weeks for her to seek extra comfort.

L has a black eye. When she had her procedure on Monday they scraped out the sinus cavities under both eyes, saying it was a precaution because the presense of one infection usually means the presence of two, even if only one was visible. Now the eye that was always goopy still looks a little goopy and the eye that looked fine now looks like it's been punched. Hard.

And there is nothing wrong with M but he just got his hair cut because of these notions he always has about keeping it short and professional looking and I always get sad when he cuts it because it's so thick and fun when it gets a little poofy. This was sionara, fun hair. Welcome back, SIR! serious hair. Pin It