Tuesday, December 23, 2008

(for the third candle)

22. At least once, grow a flower garden.
23. At least once, grow food.
24. Whenever possible, use fresh herbs, not dried.

25. Know how to set a table.

26. Be economically prudent all over the kitchen, but own the best kitchen knives you can afford.

27. Be mindful of nutrition. Eat healthfully.
28. Don’t hesitate to indulge when the occasion warrants indulgence.

29. Don’t forget to take a vitamin.

30. Take the time at least occasionally to bake from scratch.

31. Knead your bread dough thoroughly. While kneading, take a moment to close your eyes. And keep kneading.

32. Make hot chocolate from chocolate and milk. Don’t make it from powders, except when you really need some hot chocolate fast. (There will be days like that.)

33. Try to be a glass-half-full person.
34. There will always be glass-half-empty days. Remember that sometimes hot chocolate helps.

35. Have a favorite mug. Strong, deep ones that feel best being held by two hands are the most comforting type.
36. Have a favorite pair of pajama pants. Pin It