Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dibs on the brainwashing

One recent day I got a whim. I decided I wanted needed to paint a wall purple. Whims, you know? They're awfully hard to ignore.

This was our upstairs hallway: BEFORE. I think if we were able to locate this paint can, its label would read: Builder's Grade Blah.

So then the whim came, and a few weekends ago I painted that end wall purple. Purple Silhouette, to be precise.

(It's a good thing M's masculinity isn't threatened by situations like me needing to paint some part of the house purple. See also: living room.)

So, this whim - it wasn't really such a whim. It's been a long time brewing. We've lived in this house for three years and change, and for that whole time this wall has been bugging me. It calls out to be a focal point, but it's not a very good one, is it? The hallway isn't straight, and that grate is huge and awkardly positioned; I've been unsatisfied with any ideas I had. The whim part was that all of a sudden, I had to do something about it.

But it's all come together. I've hung the girls' baby pictures on the left, under the grate. I hung a huge mirror on the right side -- hey, it's a house of girls, why not have a big mirror? And under their photos I hung this print. It says: "The secret to becoming who you wish to be begins with believing you can become who you wish to be." And it's girly! And it's a silhouette! And look at the name of the paint color that called to me! Bashert, I tell you.

So here we have it. AFTER: The Wall of Not-So-Subliminal Messages. Undoubtedly the girls will glance at themselves in this mirror hundreds of times before they move out of our home. Each time they look, they'll see their reflections contraposed with their infant faces, above a message of positive reinforcement. Whatever feelings they have about themselves on a given day, they should walk away from that wall knowing we love them, we believe in them.

Because if anybody's going to mess with their minds, I want first crack at it.
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a li'l bit squishy said...

It's really beautiful. And if you can't brainwash your own children into positive thinking...well then what's the point?!