Sunday, October 19, 2008

Harvest cornucopia

On Friday the girls' daycare closed early and unexpectedly due to fumes from a nearby construction project. I had been feeling good about accruing more than half a day's credit time, and then I used half a day's credit time to go home with them. The teachers had had to awaken the kids when the smell got in the air handler, and bring them outside to the playground (sheltered from the smell by the building), so I had an unplanned afternoon with two unnapped children.

E has a new sartorial obsession: she wants to wear dresses every day. They must be dresses that have diaper covers. They must be worn with tights and sweaters. She's outgrowing all her 2Ts and is mostly into her 3T wardrobe. 3T is the size where most brands drop diaper covers. And she doesn't have very many independent cardigans, just sweaters that are components of whole outfits. She's been pillaging every drawer all week, stealing sweaters, appropriating diaper covers. My laundry system feels slapped around but she's assembled some very vivid outfits. She has an eye for combinations, and very definitive opinions. Few of them conform to general standards of matching, but she's, ahem, expressing herself quite nicely. We've called an outfitting truce: she can wear whatever she wants to school, as long as it's seasonally reasonable. I still get the veto vote if we're going to synagogue or someplace similar.

L shares a trait with many babies her age in that she'll pull off her socks at the first opportunity if she doesn't have her Robeez on to stop her. We all sat down to dinner this evening, planned luckily for just before bathtime, because when we lifted her out of her high chair she had smooshed chunks of her food all over her feet. The next fad in pedicures: Avocado Toes.

E asked for a salad today. It had no vegetables in it. She asked for acorns, orange cheese (cheddar) and Red. 'Red' means Bacos. The acorns? That's what she's calling chickpeas these days.

L might think she's cute, but she's a punk. Weeks of comforting her through her teething have mixed so volatilely with a newfound separation anxiety that now she just wants a steady stream of nighttime visits. She is up sometimes as often as hourly at night now. We're going to have to break her through some good old-fashioned crying, but first we have to warn E and figure out a plan for her awakening from the crying. So we're putting off the tough love until after M's trip to Chicago next week. Which: I have one child who cries out every hour and one child who likes to wake up from her sister's cries, and one husband who's leaving town for five nights. Yippee!! Pin It