Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Still life down / still life up

During those long, long months when E wouldn't get in a bathtub we accumulated many bribes bath toys. The girl gets credit, she has her principles. Her own mini shower head!! Drums!! Little fizzies that change the bath water to any color you want!! Crayons!! One gazbillion squeaky squirty things!!

She didn't bite.

And just as quickly as she stopped taking baths, she started taking them again. And since then, she's been bringing every single toy in the bath with her every single time. The girls bathe together and for L it's a party. So many things to chew!! For E it's months of delayed gratification come together, with which she can literally surround herself with the fruits of her stubbornness.

August 31, 2008

Still life down

It's just as well that E chose dark purple for Sunday night's water color because it obscured the filth that I'm sure they accrued from spending an entire day at the zoo.


The one challenge we've continued to encounter is with shampooing. No surprise as regards E, there is a whole routine. She must be standing up. She must cover her ears with her hands. She must be trembling a little, even though she's long ago stopped being actually afraid. I need shaking, Mama! Apparently it makes the water fall down faster. She needs to be lookiing at the sky, and really, don't even consider calling it a ceiling in E's presence. She needs to be reminded to look up before the water is poured to wash out the shampoo. Tell me, 'look to the sky,' Mama! But then, inevitably, she begins by looking up but lowers her head as I pour -- so she can watch me pour. And then, depending on the intensity of the incident, she will do something between whimpering and screaming when her lowered head angles the pouring shampoo water onto her face. So over the weekend we decorated the ceiling (E peeled the circles off of the contact paper and handed them to me, and she's very proud of her work), and this was the first bath with a focal point on the "sky." It was almost a success. She looked down on the final rinse, but not before then. Here in the noteverstill circus, we welcome progress in any form it wants to don to darken our door.

What you're looking at is one package of vinyl dots and the new soft jellyfish we got at the aquarium last week. I wanted the dots to look like bubbles gathering at the edge of a container, a little abstraction of our bathroom as aquarium tank. They're not just above the tub, they encircle the entire perimeter of the bathroom. Because: the evil genius of those bubbles-dots is not that my elder daughter is that much more able to complete a bathtime ritual. No, friends, their genius is not in what they portray, but in what they hide. I painted this bathroom when I was six months pregnant with L, and um, it was a little sloppy. I didn't tape the ceiling off because I figured I didn't need to if I was careful. I prepared and installed art exhibits for three years during graduate school, and I've painted walls literally hundreds of times. But in painting this bathroom, the space was so awkward and confining, and I was having weird balance issues, and was wearing the annoying AND distracting fume-eliminating mask so the innocent fetus wasn't mentally retarded by the chemical fumes, and I did all my work from our kitchen stepstool because I didn't want to carry upstairs the heavy-but-practical ladder-thingy. Actually being able to reach your work surface? Meh. Overrated. So there may have been, ahem, a few brown paint marks on the ceiling sky.

August 31, 2008

Still life up

Just another successful mother-daughter arts and crafts project. That is all.

Hey! Not every dot is there to cover a stray paint mark, thankyouverymuch. Just...some of them. Pin It