Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are you smarter than a no grader?

We pass this...dirt quarry?? every day on the way to work and school. I don't know exactly what it is, but they're always moving dirt, digging deep ramps into the dirt, and moving lots of CAT and John Deere thingies around. E is drawn to watching the goings-on, both because of the noisy machinery and because of the colored dirt. At the edge of the property closest to the street there are large piles of purple, glue and pinkish-red dirt. I have no idea what it is for-- maybe the substrate for composite countertops, or mortar, or home-construction something? I don't know, but E stares intently every day until the traffic light turns green and we move along.

Today there was a machine-thingie moving around in the colored dirt. It looked sort of like an agricultural combine. It had these extended arms swung out. It seemed to be scooping dirt up into its belly and sifting it through these extended arms, dropping more finely granulated...dirt. It's still dirt, right?

We've never seen this machine messing with the Sacred Colored Dirt before. E was pretty offended at first, but became fascinated. It has wings! she said. Like an airplane!

I had to agree with her. And that led to a conversation about other not-airplane-things that have wings. What else? she kept asking. And asking. And asking.

Here's what I came up with: birds, ducks, geese, ladybugs, mosquitos, bumblebees, dragonflies, butterflies, lightning bugs, bats, dragons (but not all dragons, we agreed, just the flying ones), and fairies. I felt pretty good about the list, especially the fairies.

What else? she asked again. And I was out.

And then I was in trouble. WHAT ELSE?

I promised I'd think about it and have more answers after school. So: help me!! What else is a not-airplane-thing that has wings?* Leave a helpful answer in the comments.

Save my evening. I need a good list, because when the red pen is in the hands of that child, only 100% is considered passing.

*The caveat: only not-airplane-things that a two-year-old already knows about. Don't put me in the position of having to explain More Things.

Edited to add:
Thus far, we have added to the list of identifiable things with wings: grasshoppers, pegasuses, pteradactyls, beetles, chickens and roosters, cicadas, moths, wasps, pilots (a bit abstract, huh?), and my favorite though it would indeed require explaining, feminine hygeine products. (All credit for that one goes here.) Anything else?
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Anonymous said...

Try some of these: flying dinosaurs (pheradoctals), flying fish, moths, wasps, fruit flies.


Matt said...

So I guess pegasi are out of the question?

Anonymous said...

Quite the list!
Can we add unicorns?
Love, Grams

Anonymous said...

Fireflies, fruit flies, and the ever-popular buffalos of WNY B-)

Love, Gramps