Monday, August 11, 2008

The other milestones

A friend from work is pregnant, and while some of us have known for a little while, she was hesitant to tell everybody until she told her supervisor. We were talking that morning when she was having trouble getting some time with him in which to tell him. She was anxious to tell him; telling him would make it "official" at work, it would mean she could tell everybody. It was a hurdle and a relief. It was a milestone, we agreed. An entry should be added to all baby books: Told the Boss on __ /__ /____.

The other milestones. We've had several recently. Today E had one. She came home from school with her first black eye. The truck fell on me and it bumped me, she said. By the time I picked her up she was in the aftercare portion of the evening. Her own teachers had already left so that was all the story I got. She wasn't upset by it and it didn't seem to hurt her, but there it was. First Black Eye: An Other Milestone.

First Time Mama Hears Herself Quoted Back and Cringes. L was so fussy and I was home alone with the girls. I sighed, and said, "Oh, L..." E looked at me, cocked her head, concentrating to make sure she got it just right, and asked, Mama? Is she Kill Ling you?

First Enunciated Act of Vandalism. It started to rain yesterday afternoon when we were playing in the backyard. The sprinkler, splash slide and pool were all set out and both girls were in swimsuits. M carried L inside and took her straight upstairs as it was her nap time. E followed me in the house and when we were in the family room and out of the rain I asked her to take off her wet bathing suit. She did, and proceeded to pull off her swim diaper, as well. She then smiled mischievously. LOOK, MAMA! I'M PEEING ON THE CARPET!

The baby book we have, it doesn't have a page for that. Pin It


Anonymous said...

A mild solution of white vinegar and water will do wonders to reduce the smell of pee on carpet, pee on furniture, pee in cars. Really. I used to use it. You might want to make up a spray bottle and keep it handy. You might need it a few times.
Love, Grams

georgie said...

A black eye-goodness, I hope you can find out what happened...

Awww about the peeing on the carpet,sometimes I really miss the days when my beans were younger

dana wyzard said...

Uhhh, I don't think "gram" got it. But I did and I think it was hilarious.