Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One two three four five six seven

Seven years ago today we were married.

Small-town girl and Anywhere, USA boy married and left for the big city. (Its suburbs, anyway.) Since then, we've both changed jobs, halved one commute and doubled the other, both changed cars, eaten across Italy, sold our townhouse, bought a house-house, nearly quadrupled our income, absolutely tripled our mortgage, lost a lung, doubled the size of our family, and pulverized to teensy unrecognizable pieces anything resembling leisure time. Seven years is long enough to make a life unrecognizable. But I recognize it in his face, in his eyes. That face has been beside me for seven years, for long enough to feel like forever. In the best possible way.

M: my partner in marriage, my partner in dreaming, my partner in planning, my partner in travel, in adventures great and small, my partner in parenting, in lunch-packing and getting through the weekend, my partner in the most fun mischief, my partner in almost everything and my enemy in Scrabble.

August 12, 2008

We took the day off together today, and enjoyed walking around Annapolis, where my beloved proved his inability to ignore a bookstore. Predictable, after so many, many years.

7 years is nice. Now let's go for 70. Pin It


Anonymous said...

May all your anniversarys bring you joy. Happy today and everyday.

Anonymous said...

Make it 80. Maybe even 90.

Love, Gramps

Anonymous said...

Many more happy anniversarys.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay. Best wishes always.

Love, Grandma