Friday, August 1, 2008

Lions and snakes and small singing voices

Yesterday a mountain lion was on the loose, and so my girls' daycare kept them inside to play. E's class spent the time learning about snakes. I was an Ebola constrictor, Mama! she told me.

What is the point? I was just thinking about the ferociousness of these two creatures. Mountain lions and boa constrictors: part of the landscape in our daughters' lives. I was thinking about ferociousness, like E when she decides she's a dinosaur. I'm a T-Rex, Mama! ROOAAARRRR!! Not everyone is so ferocious.

In the blogging community, I'm no mountain lion. I'm a hatchling, open-mouthed and just days past voiceless. I'm still youthful enough to be fine-tuning my voice, to figure out how much I want to say, and how loudly. I love the hobby of blogging for this freedom of self-exploration, for this growth.

Father Goof is my real life friend. His blog usually aims for the humorous, the irreverent. This particular post really struck me because it held all his usual sensibilities in its message, but it was also poignant, and made me stop to think a moment about just how fortunate we are. For his 4th of July post, I'm presenting Father Goof with a July Perfect Post award.

The Original Perfect Post Awards 07.08

This is the first month I'm presenting a Perfect Post, but I'm going to try to participate regularly. Finding other voices that inspire my own, and shining spotlights on other growing voices -- I so much enjoy being part of the blogging community, and I want to do a lot more exploring around here as I try to define my own little corner of this universe.

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