Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The big night

Tonight was the Wiggles show we'd been looking forward to for forever. We had four tickets, and it was impractical to go as a family since the show began 30 minutes before L's bedtime and she's too young for it to be meaningful anyway. So we invited one of E's favorites, her friend Audrey (and mom Jamie). And the four of us had a fantastic Girls' Night Out.

The girls enjoyed the show once they acclimated to the very high seats, the darkness, the post-dinner hour (why does a kiddie show start at 6:30 pm?) and the general sensory overload of so many things to look at, so many decibals to absorb. We brought E's ear plugs but didn't remember them immediately. She burst into tears as the music started but once plugged was immediately calm. It only took a song or two for her to be ready to dance.

Interesting tangent: such is the explosive growth of a two-year-old's mind that even though we introduced the idea of ear plugs not even five months ago, her vocabulary and comprehension of how the world works have grown immensely. In March we had to explain these to her as little pillows that would cushion sound. Tonight I offered E her ear pillows and she scoffed at me. Mommy, they're called ear PLUGS. Then she repeated it for me, as if I was slow or hard of hearing: EAR PLUGS. To borrow shamelessly because the phrase is just that good: Is there a greater pleasure than watching a brain being built?

August 20, 2008

Portrait with rapt attention, the comfort of ear plugs, and a stranger's head. Awkward angle provided by Mommy photographer, who was also the provider of the lap upon which our subject was sitting all night, because 31 pounds are not sufficient to keep a flip-down seat flipped down, and when subject tried one time for 12 seconds to sit in her own seat, she became the filling in a flip-seat sandwich, which was enough to scurry her into her mother's the photographer's lap.

E was so tired from the excitement and simultaneously wound up that even though the trip home (crossing a state border, through night construction, and arriving an hour past bedtime) took another forever, she couldn't stop talking. Mama, we danced at Wiggles and we danced with Audrey and I weared my dinosaur tail! ROARR! And Audrey weared it and then I weared it again and we saw the dinosaur dance! And I LIKED IT!

True love is friendship among two-year-old girls. They're like magnets. If they're near each other they NEED to hold hands. Awkward angle again provided by the tripod known as Mommy's lap.

Stubbornly, E was still awake when we got home at nearly 10 pm. She was so tired that she declined to change into pajamas, declined even her routine milk. Luckily she was freshly pull-up-ed before we got in the car so I poured her into bed still in her dress (green, to match her Wiggles dinosaur tail). Crafty little punk, she sat up and petitioned to read just one book but didn't protest too loudly when I deferred storytime til tomorrow. When she finally put her head down and realized how tired she was, she couldn't even keep her eyes open long enough to accept my goodnight ritual. "Sweet dreams-" I started to say to her. She rolled away from me to face the wall as she cut me off: don't talk to me. I'm sleeping.

And thus ended our big night.

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Christina M. said...

I took mine to see this not too long ago. I actually enjoyed it. *GASP*

Thanks for the comment! Anytime you need to vent about something, come to my blog. I am sure there will be something you vent about.