Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unique identifiers

Both girls do this. L did this just now in the dusk as I put her to sleep and E did this last night while crying on the hallway floor.

They grab my hand, measuring knuckle by knuckle. They find my engagement ring and pull it up on my finger. E sometimes slides across it, squeezing each stone. L holds the whole ring and squeezes it.

An engagement ring is a talisman in our society. Publicly declared love. Commitment. Promise. It's become a talisman to my daughters, too, entirely different but holding the same meanings, just as comforting to them as a purple teddy bear or a pacifier. In darkness, in half-consciousness, they feel for the confirmation that this hand is Mommy's. With eyes closed they know it's me.

Even unto their fingertips, they know me. Pin It

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Anonymous said...

Just saw your post on Kristie's blog and had to tell you that if you ever get a dog and name it Noodle, you should definitely get a doodle! (Goldendoodle -best dog in the world! Ours is Libby, I got out-voted for Noodle.....)