Monday, July 7, 2008


She wanted something to do, and she wanted chocolate. I said, "You can have two chocolate chips." She countered, "I want A LOT of chocolate chips!" I said, "I know, what if we make some chocolate chip cookies?" She started jumping up and down in her tower. "We can MAKE cookies?"

She helped me crack the egg. I measured ingredients, and she poured them in the bowl. Her favorite was the flour. "I made it cloudy in here, Mommy!" I love making food from scratch, any food, and I was so happy to be playing in the kitchen with my girl. We used the electric mixer to beat everything together but she got to use her beloved favorite spatula (it's purple) to scrape down the bowl. She has a favorite spatula! She LOVED using a spoon to drop batter onto cookie sheets. And between steps, while she thought I wasn't looking, or perhaps not even that cleverly, but just simply between steps and within reach of an open bag, she ate many, many chocolate chips. We turned on the oven light so we could watch them bake, and she impatiently jumped around while I transferred them to a cooling rack. We made DELICIOUS chocolate-chocolate chip cookies.

She took her first bite. "I no like it. Mama, can you rip this cookie off of the chocolate chip so I can have just the chocolate?" Pin It