Saturday, July 19, 2008

Civics lesson

Freedom of expression:

E was sitting on my lap. "I have to get down," she said. I asked her where she was going. "I have to get down to the ninny grinny." Do you by any chance mean the 'nitty gritty,' I asked, after thinking for a moment. "Yes!" she said, as she jumped to the floor. "I have to get down to the niddy griddy."

Freedom of religion:

E was talking loudly in the back of the sanctuary in synagogue and M shushed her, saying that the rabbi was making announcements. "Where?" she asked. "I don't see!" M held her up and pointed to the man speaking. "That's not a rabbit!"

Right to bear arms:

And for the first time in our sort-of-potty training operation, E urinated all over the floor. In the bathroom, standing right next to the toilet. "I peed! Hey, guys! I peed on the carpet! Now you have to wash it!" Pin It